Sunday, July 9, 2017

Two Rare Green Heron Rituals Await You

                                                                  Subadult Green Heron

                                                        Green Heron Immature Clutch #1

                                                                Ditto, Both on 070217

                                                         Green Heron Meeting, 070317
                                                          Prelude to Egg-Laying Ritual

                                                              Green Heron in Nest 4

                                                              Egg Laying Ritual Begins

                                                                  Green Heron Preens
                                                           Prior to Pair Bonding Ritual

                                                                Green Heron at Nest 5

                                                        Green Heron Pair Bonding Ritual

                                                              "The Stick Seals the Deal!"
                                                                      Bonding Accepted

                                                                 Great Egret, 070818

Week of 070117 to present

There is a lot to cover this week and a lot of excitement.

First, I obtained an adequate enough photo to show the nest 4 bird.  Thanks are to the graces of the wind, and her position.  The female stays on the nest overnight, then both male and female trade off positions during the day.

I have seen it before, but we also were privy to the egg laying ritual.  When all the eggs are lain, the male will inform the colony.  He begins by taking a high perch so that all may see him.  He then makes himself look large and mighty and sways back and forth a couple of times.  He then goes to visit all the birds on their perches, including any juveniles.  This bird then went in search of food for the female.

Soon thereafter, a new set of birds became a couple, and she accepted this male.  One of the birds is a subadult, the female.

We were later gifted with a Green Heron in nest 5, changing position.  This is another time to thank the wind and our illustrious bird on it.

Therefore, we have two active nests, at least one with eggs.  By now, we could have chicks in nest 4, but I cannot see yet.

Hope you enjoy what nature has brought, and thanks for viewing!

Dr. Deb