Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Pre-Storm Impetus

                                                      One of Three Eastern Meadowlarks

                                                       Male Yellow-rumped Warbler

                                              One of Three Migratory Savannah Sparrows

                                                    Migratory American White Pelicans


The winds have definitely been sweeping down the plains with a good southern push and trying to get the birds through the area before the rains come rushing down again.

Today was by far the best migratory movement that I have observed in the past two days.

Two days ago brought a group of three Savannah Sparrows that landed in this tree right in front of me.

Today brought two hundred American White Pelicans through the area, which was a sight to behold.  I was in awe watching those birds wheeling through the air with the sun hitting their feathers and causing an explosion of white.  They were also circling in different directions, which provided a show that was better than a flat three dimensional image, since they were in different planes in front of me. Fortunately, I saw them coming, but the group was so large, I could not get them all in one image.

Both Eastern and Western Kingbirds sported one member each, and a very early Baltimore Oriole female sang to me from on high.

These are the kinds of memories that show the true beauty of migration at its finest hours before the storm.