Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Life of the Present Bird Party of the First Part

                                                                      Field Sparrow

                                                                  Common Goldeneye

                                                                    Mourning Doves

Great Horned Owl

03-03 - 03-15-17

March was off to a slow start with a fair amount of inclement weather and cold wind chills in the early mornings.  Migratory movement was somewhat slow, but again, when it was good, it was
much better than expected.  As of this posting, weather is much more seasonable and movements have been closer to moderate, some species earlier than normal, others slightly later.

Our Bald Eagle has been around more, and I suspect that since one bird is in the vicinity, we have surprises in the nest.  We have come a long way since that first sighting in the winter of 2012.

Ducks and other water birds have been moving through the area, and I was both pleased and surprised to see several Common Goldeneyes visiting, as well as the fact that even though they were still a little distant, I could at least provide some photos this time around.

As you can see Mourning Doves are nesting, our first Purple Martin scout showed up on the lake on March 16, which also happens to be my birthday, so that was a wonderful present.  Since the winter hadn't been cold enough for a long stretch, these birds have enough protein to fill their stomachs, and those early mosquitos, gnats, and no-see'ums, will be kept at bay.

I have seen TWO American Kestrels a couple of times this winter, and there is a possibility that one could be the offspring of our usual resident male bird.  If he stays too long, he will be pushed out of the area by the older bird, which is normal practice.

There will be more photos to come, and at present, our Blue-winged Teal have been coming through the area before they continue on, so you'll see plenty of them as time goes on.