Sunday, January 1, 2017

Janu Janwar, Birding in Karachi, Pakistan

Birding is the only sport that has no borders.  Those that participate are focused on wildlife and how to protect it.  We are horrified by those that hunt birds and other wildlife simply for sport, and we will do everything in our power to combat it.

Please view Janu Janwar, featuring the World Wildlife Federation and learn that there are other flyway zones throughout Europe and Asia.  Flamingos are the national bird here, and you will see a concentration of over three hundred represented.

For those interested in birding in Asia and have no information, allow this to be a nice introduction, for there are many wonderful birds there, too, as well as birds that we all share.  The Birdwatcher's Club of Pakistan gives you an actual view of birds on the waterway.

Pakistan also has pollution and other problems that harm birds, just like us.  If nothing else, know that every birder in this world has a common goal--to eradicate poaching, and to improve habitat for birds.