Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Short But Productive Birding Day

                                                                  Great Blue Heron

                                                                     Mallard Drake

                                                Plain-bellied Water Snake (Nerodia erythrogaster)

                                                                     Brown Thrasher

                                                           Juvenile American Robin

                                                            Male Great-tailed Grackle

                                                          Juvenile Great-tailed Grackle

                                                                 Cottontail Rabbit

May 26, 2016

0710-0919/77-80 degrees F/partly to mostly cloudy//17 mph S wind gusts/82% rel. humidity

It felt like 85 degrees F and there was high humidity, making me sweat earlier than 0900 hrs.
However, there were young birds to capture, and one must take photos when the weather is
appropriate in order not to miss what there is to offer.

The snag that Great Blue Heron is standing upon is on that recently came down from one of
many storms.  This Mallard Drake also happened to be upon it, as was a Mallard hen with
four ducklings, and a few Red-eared Slider turtles, a good sized tree limb.

One of many non-poisonous water snakes, this little beauty was sunning and allowed me a quick
shot.  I have photographed some double the size, as well as the venomous Water Moccasin in TX.

The grackles, thrasher, and robins were located at The Southern Cove, which hosts many other birds, including breeding Green Herons (third year), Baltimore Orioles, Warbling Vireos, and provided temporary residence for a lovely Swainson's  Thrush.

Due to the weather rapidly changing, I cut my visit short to avoid getting rained upon.  By the way,
this very young cottontail rabbit told me to tell you "hello."