Saturday, April 2, 2016

Royalty of the Bird World Is in Town

                                                        Male Red-winged Blackbird

                                                                  American Coot

                                                                 Savannah Sparrow

                                                                   Cedar Waxwing


37-66 degrees F/0740-1115 hrs./partly cloudy/light and variable to 15 mph wind gusts

Being deprived of birds for several days made me eager to get out to view what was happening
this morning.  Since it was chilly, I expected a few ducks, but not quite as many as I managed to see.
Those birds are migrating now, heading for the north where many of them will breed, then return in
the fall to show off their young ones.  Not all of the birds will return to Boomer Lake in the fall, but
some will, and leave reluctantly if there is plenty of food.  However, I cannot think of any reason
why there will not be, since our spring is wet, so we'll be graced with plenty of foodstuffs in the

There is a good deal of food now, which gives us special visitors now.  Our herbivores are eating
young shoots from both the trees and bushes, as well as seeds that will be coming from flowers, and
in the summer, there will be plenty of berries from shrubs.  Weather plays a big part in what birds
will come and how many, so this will be another good year if my predictions are correct.

Today, royalty came to the lack in several waves.  My eBird reports were very conservative this
morning, but I wager to say that there were a good hundred Cedar Waxwings, who are a color palette
in and of themselves.  Those striking colors definitely are a show, and they have been visiting on and
off all winter.