Monday, August 17, 2015

The Heron Clan at Its Best

                                                                       Mourning Dove

                                                               Great Blue Heron

                                                             Juvenile Little Blue Heron

                                                                       Great Egret

                                                                Great Blue Heron
                                                               "Silent Sentinel 7"

                                                               Great Blue Heron(Rear)
                                                              Little Blue Heron (Front)

                                                       Great Blue Heron Dives for Fish

                                                             And Comes Up Empty Handed

                                                                        "Shakin' Off"

                                                                   Great Blue Heron

                                                      Great Blue Heron Changes Position

                                                               Great Blue Heron

                                                          "Clear for Flight Maneuvers"

                                                          Great Blue Heron Finds a Toy

                                                                  And Sees Another Toy

                                                                Which He Really Likes

                                                               Great Blue Heron Poses

74-83 degrees F/0708-0955/cloudy to partly cloudy/15 mph winds

The heron clan delivers once again!  This young Great Blue Heron is a first year bird.  Note that
there is still a lot of white in its plumage, and there are still some finer feathers in the rump area.
This bird is still gaining experience, and was very attracted to the buttonbush, playing with the fruit like a toy.  This heron was eager to perform and seemed to enjoy being in front of a camera.  It
even fell flat on its face in the water trying to grab a fish, but that was no deterrent.

The adult Great Blue Heron with the juvenile Little Blue Heron was a stroke of luck.  Here you
are able to see the difference in size.  The little blue is a relatively compact bird, 24 inches in length
and weighing about 3/4 of a pound.

The Little Blue Heron tried to get on that snag more than once, and was frightened away by a couple of adult Great Egrets.  It managed to return, giving me this prize picture.  Who could ask for
anything better?