Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Wonderland at Boomer Lake

                                                 Great Blue Heron Bridging Ice and Land

                                                           Ring-billed Gulls on Ice

                                                        Assorted Ducks in Channel

                                                                  Bald Eagle


                                                               "Ready for Liftoff"

                                                                  Bald Eagle in Flight

                                                                    The Mated Pair

                                                        A Murder of American Crows

                                                             American Goldfinch

                                                            Great Blue Heron Backlit

                                            Pied-billed Grebe(top) and Ruddy Duck(bottom)

                                                        Two Pied-billed Grebes(top)
                                                            Ruddy Duck(bottom)

                                                              Female Ruddy Duck


                                                               Northern Cardinal

                                                                American Robin

This is three days worth of work.  The temperatures have been hovering between 23 and 36 degrees today and I was out from 0910 to 1130.  I must truly be a glutton for punishment, as the winds were between 20 and 25 mph, to make matters even worse.  It was much more pleasant two days ago when it was 21 degrees with 15 mph winds.  Don't ask me what is really pleasant when it comes to biting cold, because there is nothing.  However, if it weren't for sheer foolhardiness or the need to obtain pictures for my followers and readers of "Life at Boomer Lake with Deb," I might not have been out there, other than I believe that I have gone beyond serious birder to twitcher.  A twitcher has an innate NEED to seek out birds, and might even be somewhat obsessed.  Don't answer that!  Later today or tomorrow I will publish "Life at Boomer Lake with Deb," and if you'd like more information on these pictures, you'll find it there.  You'll just have to wait until then...