Thursday, November 28, 2013

                                                                  Mallard Pair

                                                   Mallard Hen(left) and Ruddy Duck Hen

                                                          Female Bufflehead

                                                          Double-crested Cormorants

                                               Double-crested Cormorants "Snags" a Drink

                                                    More Double-crested Cormorants

                                                         Cormorant in the Water

                                                      Double-crested Cormorant in Flight

                                                            Double-crested Cormorants

                                                  Double-crested Cormorant Wing Drying

                                                 Pied-billed Grebes, Immature on Left

                                                       Double-crested Cormorant

                                                               House Sparrows

                                                              Belted Kingfisher

                                                                 Ditto, in Flight

                                                          Northern Mockingbird


            0745-0945/partly cloudy/31-40 degrees/15 mph winds

            I saw a group of Canvasbacks arrive on the lake this morning, which is the first time that I have                      seen them this season.  Today, I concentrated on the Cormorant Clan, as they just happened to be there, and I got a number of humorous shots.  I saw an immature Pied-billed Grebe for the first time, and as you can see, it has a streaked head.  There are now two Kingfishers on the lake, a male and a female, though on different parts of the lake.  Perhaps they will pair up.