Saturday, December 31, 2016

More From the Latter Half of December

                                                      Bald Eagle Over Boomer Lake

                                                Fox Squirrel in Wood Duck Nesting Box

                                                           Female Belted Kingfisher

                                                                     Gadwall Pair

                                    Herring Gulls (in rear with Red Dots on Lower Mandible)

These are more shots from the latter half of the month and the time period encompasses both cold and warmer mornings, which is still happening.

Since it has been more warm than cold recently, we just haven't been getting normal duck influx, but
the area has been getting plenty of longspurs not far from here.  Chances are excellent that I might be
able to get a shot or two if Lady Luck is on my side tomorrow.  Keep those fingers and toes crossed for me, but don't do that with your eyes.

I'm behind on editing and posting pictures, as this new photo program is not yet to be trusted in my hands without a little guidance, so by next weekend, I hope to have more shots for you to see.

Head over to the lake, especially on those days when the barometer is falling, as that is the best time
for you to see plenty of birds.  They can detect air pressure and will lie low during those times, so what is already there will not go elsewhere.  Try it, and I guarantee that you won't be disappointed.  Get a weather station and you'll always be in the know, just like I am.

Happy New Year, and may you experience spectacular birding in 2017.