Monday, August 24, 2015

Migratory Movement for Songbirds Appears Underway

                                                    Green Heron Chicks, Clutch 2, Day 2

                                            Green Heron Chicks Clutch 2, Day 2, Position 2

                                                                   Great Blue Heron

                                                         Juvenile Spotted Sandpiper

                                                                Common Grackle

                                                                  Great Blue Heron

                                                                     Great Egret

                                                                 Female Yellow Warbler

                                                               Female Orchard Oriole

                                                                Willow Flycatcher

68-71 degrees F/0700-1000/partly cloudy to mostly cloudy/17 mph wind gusts

An outstanding day as far as migrants are concerned.  The grouping of songbirds at the bottom
were in a group of approximately sixty birds, so it was hard to view and photograph all of them.
Birds include Indigo Buntings, Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher, Orchard Oriole, Yellow Warbler, and
House Sparrow.  All birds were southbound and very active, stopping to partake of sustenance
during several days worth of unsettled weather.  Migratory movement appeared to be more of a medium range.

Also observed was a group of forty of both Common and Great-tailed Grackles in mixed woods
near Transportation Dept.

I believe that there is a third Green Heron, most likely the last born that I saw for a moment, who
skittered back to the nest area.

There was quite a bit of activity at The Northern Reaches.  As a side note, the Mississippi Kites
didn't come to the lake until early afternoon, after a short rain with large raindrops.