Friday, November 4, 2016

Before the Flood--The Entire Movie

As an infant, I had a mobile over my own crib.  It was soft colored plastic with soft covered birds.  There was a Northern Cardinal, a Blue Jay, and a Goldfinch.  I reached out and played with them several times a day before nap times and bed time.  These birds brought me so much joy.

Finally, as a scientist--a chemist, biologist, and now an ornithologist, trust me when I relate to you that global warming has been quite real for a half century.  This movie speaks the truth, and a friend paid a lot of money to do this with scientific collaborations to make certain that it is the truth.

Watch this movie, not for me, but for your own information that this is what is really happening in an analogy.  After you have finished think about it, and I beseech you to help me help our animals.  This is something that will not wait.  Do it for yourself, your family, and the people on the earth that you do not know.  Help me help them.  Please.