Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Lady of the Lake's Birds at Their Best

                                                            Double-crested Cormorant

                                                  Great Blue Heron at Northern Reaches

                                                          Eastern Phoebe with Lunch

                                                                      Great Egret

                                                                 Great Blue Heron

0740-1020 hrs./61-66 degrees F/partly cloudy to cloudy, then showers/13-17 mph wind gusts

These are assorted shots between Boomer Lake and The Northern Reaches.  As the leaves fall, visibility increases, so the animal life is easier to see.  I'm still hoping for more chances at a
decent photo of the Pileated Woodpecker, any of the kinglets, and the hawk and owl families.
This could all be wishful thinking, so all I can do is try.

Migratory movement is still occurring, and many, many ducks will be coming through, especially when the cold starts.  Bundle up, and some of the sights could be well worth it for you.  I plan to
be out there, and even with my northern blood, the winds can still make it pretty unbearable
at the lake.

What moves me is dancing Great Blue Herons on the ice, some of my dream birds, and I am
hopeful for that special find that I have never had before.  If it is going to happen, this will be the