Wednesday, October 23, 2013

                                              Male Red-winged Blackbird Belts Out a Song

                                                Three Northern Mockingbirds in the House

                                                            American White Pelican

                                                Great Blue Heron(left) and Great Egret

                                                     Double-crested Cormorant Party

                                                                  "Hangin' Out"

                                                            American White Pelican

47 degrees/0800-1000 hrs./clear skies/15 mph winds

Once again, morning has broken, there was a light film of dew on the ground, and we're getting closer to frost.  My northern blood is beginning to go elsewhere, and I might just be getting acclimated to being an Okie.  I think I will enjoy that.  So, in the meantime, enjoy the pictures and I'll catch you on the flip side.

                                                               "Best Buds"