Monday, January 9, 2017

Joys of Grebes

                                                                     Horned Grebe

                                                               Male Northern Cardinal

                                                                     Horned Grebe

                                                                       Ditto, View 2

                                                                       Ditto, View 3


0935-1243/48-54 degrees F/6 mph NNW winds/partly cloudy/64-66% RH/29.86 Hg and steady

I have never noticed the Horned Grebe on the lake on such a mild day, even though the time of
year is correct.  This bird can be differentiated from the Earned Grebe, as it has a white-tipped bill and a rounded head.  The Eared Grebe usually comes to this area in the summer and has a peaked head.

In times of El Nino, it is possible that birds will arrive at unusual times.