Saturday, November 21, 2015

Winter is Coming, Say the Birds of the Season

                                                                American Goldfinch

                                                                     American Robin

                                                          Yellow-rumped Warbler

                                                              Yellow-rumped Warbler

                                                                     Field Sparrow

1200-1530 hrs./44-47 degrees F/partly cloudy/18 mph wind gusts

These are mostly shots at The Northern Reaches, which I suspected was going to be "that" kind
of day. It was a rather chilly day, by the standards of a northern transplant, so I expected a day of interest.  My feelings were not disappointed.

Waterbirds were on the lake proper, and there were plenty of sparrows and berry eaters awaiting
a  feast, which they received at The Reaches.  It was a good day of cajoling and cavorting, and tomorrow should be just as good, if not better.  Stay tuned!