Friday, August 29, 2014

The Songbirds Are Coming Through Boomer Lake Region

                                                               Green Heron Portrait

                                                                     Ditto, Hunting

                                                                    Ditto, Hiding

                                                                     Great Egret


                                                  Great Egret with Green Heron(Left)

                                                                     Great Egret

                                                                   "Balancing Act"

                                                            Great Egret "Steady"

                                                        Mottled Duck(Note the Bill)

                                                                     Great Egret


                                                             Great Egret(Turtle on Left)

                                                                 Savannah Sparrow

                                                                     Yellow Warbler

0715-0920/Mostly Cloudy/Light and Variable Winds/74 degrees

This was my first time out in a good eight days.  Sad, isn't it?  In the midst of migration, I hope that the remainder of the week is better.  I considered myself lucky to get the last two birds.  The last time that I saw the Yellow Warbler, I was unable to get a good photo, so the dark day today was a blessing in disguise.  Wish me luck for better pictures over the next few days.