Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Temporary January Thaw

                                                              Canada Goose Sentry

                                                                  Great Blue Heron


                                                                 Ice Damming

                                                   Immature Black-crowned Night Heron


                                                             Pre-Flight Canada Goose

                                                          Flighted Canada Geese

                                                             Ring-billed Gull in Flight

                                                                Female Canvasback

                                                              Male Canvasback

                                                   Immature Black-crowned Night Heron

51-58 degrees/0815-0945 hrs./partly cloudy/25-30 mph wind gusts

There is still a little ice on Boomer Lake, but it is temporarily on its way out.  Therefore, this has opened up the Southern Cove for feeding once again.  Both herons were within a few feet from one another, and only Great Blue Heron had something to eat while I was there.  Many Canvasbacks were on the southeast portion of Goose Island, which allowed an excellent photo opportunity with them, finally.